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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Community Workshops 101

Community Workshops are one of the best ways to grow a practice! WHY?

Workshops are simple and successful at attracting new patients – WELLNESS patients for that matter!

Best of all….by doing these workshops you are giving back to your community and helping more people improve their lives from what they’ll learn.
Number one question is “WHERE can I do these talks and HOW can I schedule them?” Today you’ll learn the WHERE!

Schools: You can take 2 different approaches when doing community workshops at your local schools; either for the teachers OR the students. Teachers are often stressed or weighed down, so learning tips to manage this is very desirable! Teachers are also well-educated and family-oriented, so knowing more about what you have to offer can be a possible great referral source in the future! Students can learn more about backpack safety, nutrition, and much more! You can even offer workshops for bus drivers where they can learn about proper posture when driving!
Organizations & Clubs: Contact your chamber and get a list of organizations in your community. A few ideas of clubs that may be in your area are: Women’s Clubs, Jaycees, Kiwanis Club, Moms Groups, Holistic Moms Network, ICAN, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Rotary Club, Networking Groups…the list GOES on and on! After you exhaust the list the chamber provides you, check out http://www.meetup.com/ and search for local groups in our area.
Gyms: What a perfect target audience! These are people that are already striving for health and wellness, what would they want more than to learn tips on nutrition, healthy living, and improving their quality of life!?
Small Businesses: Workshops at small businesses often have the MORE success than large businesses…believe it or not! Especially because they are much more easy to schedule than trying to work through a Human Resource Department and talk to person after person. A few ideas for small businesses are daycares, banks, hair salons, dental offices, law offices…and more! To spark more ideas, visit yahoo search and search “businesses in Urbandale, IA” (search your area) and the ideas will come rolling in!
Associations: American Lung Association, American Diabetes Association, American Cancer Association, American Heart Association…again, you can search “Associations in Urbandale, IA” (search with your city & state) and you’ll get a handful of names!
YOUR Patients: YES, you can ask your patients! Let them know you offer this community service and ask if they know of anywhere that could benefit your community talks (for example their church or place of employment). Your patients will be the most effective at helping you schedule these because they already know how great you are!

In closing, find the CA in your office that has a drive to grow the practice, has a friendly upbeat voice, and doesn’t take the answer NO personally! Have her follow Chiro Assistants 101’s BLOG and stay turned for “SCHEDULING Community Workshops 101” for tips and suggestions on the HOW to get into these locations and handling objections that may come their way!
In the meantime, if you have ANY questions, e-mail me at KatieAnnRamsey@ymail.com.

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