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Hi! I’m the Office Manager at Yost Family Chiropractic (located in Urbandale, IA). I’ve been a Chiropractic Assistant and a part of this team since 2006! When I started this job, I had NO IDEA I’d like my job and have as much fun as I do every day…and that is thanks to the WONDERFUL team I work with and the FABULOUS patients that allow us to be a part of their healthcare and lives. To give you an idea of my many roles I take part in each day would be next to impossible! I’ve scrubbed toilets, done laundry, answered phones, scheduled appointments, verified and billed with insurance companies, fixed computers, and been a listening ear for others…with everything else in between! :) I absolutely LOVE what I do and appreciate knowing that while Chiropractors are improving lives every day, SO AM I! Learn more about where I spend my day by visiting www.YostFamilyChiropractic.com.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Helpful LINKS 101

TONS of articles and tools for CA's -- ranges from Personal Growth to Patient Education to BIlling to Practice Building AND much more!

Join this e-mail group!  It is a great group filled with CA's and Doctors to help support and lend advice for billing, coding, practice grwoth, management, patient education, and much more!

CA’s – EDUCATE YOUR PATIENTS! Freshen up your chiropractic awareness! Everything from the history of chiropractic, to pregnancy, to spine anatomy and more!

“A Chiropractic Assistant’s View on Chiropractic” – LOVE this!

Simple, fun events are great to bring into the pratcice to "spice things up!"  This website will help you get the creative juices flowing with endless ideas for interal events!

Love this simplistic way of explaining how our bodies' function and sometimes "malfuncion", causing SYMPTOMS first, then later in life disease, dysfunction, etc!

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