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Sunday, October 24, 2010

GREETING Practice Members 101

Have you ever walked into a business and you were greeted by your name (of course, each person’s FAVORITE word!) and that person seemed truly happy to see you with an enthusiastic smile on their face? This small act goes A LONG way.

The moment a patient walks into your door, greet them by their first name. The importance of greeting someone should NEVER be overlooked. If you are on the phone or with another patient, smile and acknowledge that they are in your presence.

Patients have “genuineness radar”. For staff at the front desk, this should come naturally, BUT…if you find that someone in your office is having a hard time seeming authentic when greeting, remember to be sincere is just by expressing your gratitude. When you are happy that that patient is you’re your office, your gratitude will slide right through into your “Welcome!”

Taking the few extra seconds to make each patient feel that they are important whenever you first see them will go a long way and make them look forward to coming to your office. What could you possibly want more?!

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