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Thursday, March 17, 2011

CA Referrals 101

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
What a great day to be thankful for being in the profession we are in because….Chiropractic Patients are the LUCKIEST People on the Planet!

So with knowing how significant chiropractic care is for oneself, today I want to share with you ideas for the Chiropractic Assistants’ role in Referrals in your practice!
First, let’s gather a little inspiration…WHY do we want referrals?

#1 - New Patients that are referred by existing Practice Members co into the clinic already knowing what to expect. Most likely they’ve already heard about the doctor, the office, and how the practice functions. They’ve also heard about the success that the existing Practice Member has had with chiropractic care, which sets them up to be more compliant with their own care!

#2 – When you promote referrals in your office…you don’t pay a dime! It is FREE advertising! When an existing Practice Member refers, they are acting as your “seller” plus they are sharing such a wonderfully, new concept to their family and friends – Chiropractic!
Okay, so now that we have our inspiration to get more referrals in the office, let’s think what you are already doing. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself as a promoter for referrals? Write your # down. Make a list under your # of what you are already doing to promote referrals. Now evaluate your list. Can you do better? Ready? Let’s increase your # !!!

Referral: Educating your Practice Members with your practice mission and inspiring them to share that message to the community (aka their family, friends, co-workers, etc).

To become a Master at referrals, you must first understand your practice’s mission statement. Do you know it? Can you rattle it off without looking at a piece of paper? You are more likely to be inspired by your practice when you know its mission. If a patient walks out of the clinic and is uninspired, they will NOT talk about your practice to others! Be inspirational!

CA Referral Ideas:

• SIGN – “New Patients Welcome” or “Now Accepting New Patients”

Put this sign on your window, in your waiting room, and any other high traffic area in the clinic. This is so important because your practice may look busy to your existing Practice Members and they may begin to think you are too full for New Patients, so reminding them that we want them to refer is necessary!

• Phone Scripting with New Patients

 When scheduling a New Patient visit, ask them, “Which one of your practice members referred you into the clinic?” Not always will it be an existing patient, might even just be Google, BUT you are planting a seed that Practice Members refer other Practice Members! (refer to Chiro Assistant 101’s New Patient Scripting 101 for the full script)

• Health Tip of the Day/Week

 During the morning team warm-up, share the tip with the staff. This way everyone is on the same page and talking about it! Cover topics such as ear infections, bed-wetting, pregnancy, scoliosis, headaches, neck pain, breech babies, etc. Educating patients on this will help them know when you refer a friend in! You can just educate verbally, hand an article, or put a tip on small card.

• Internal Events:

 Small, internal events should be done a few times a year. Minimum is 1x/quarter. With a few of these events, incorporate a New Patient Coupon. Gift coupons out to Practice Members asking them to invite their family and friends in. It’s a great open door for them to try out chiropractic!

• Reward the Behavior You Want!

 When a Practice Member refers in a New Patient, send a thank you! Can be as simple as a personalized hand-written card, or a gift, such as a movie ticket, small $5 gift certificate to somewhere, etc. Do what the budget allows. When you reward the behavior you want, your practice members will want to refer again and again!

• Ask your Practice Members!

Sound too simple? It is! Ask your practice members how they feel since coming into the clinic and for them to share that with a friend or family member that could also benefit from our clinic!

• Testimonials

 If you are not already collecting testimonials from your current patients, START NOW! Start a collection. Once you have several, create professional-looking documents with their testimonials. At the top, add eye-catching phrases like “Ear Infections Gone!” or “Golf Swing Improved!” or “No Low Back Pain During Pregnancy!” – You get the idea! Print off, laminate, and put around in clinic. (on chairs, hang on walls, etc)

• Yourself

What about your family, your friends, and your neighbors?
Referrals are based on education! Continue to spread the word about your practice and its mission.

Congratulations on taking the next step to increasing YOUR Referral #!!!!

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