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Friday, February 4, 2011

Office Tours 101

Tour: A journey through a particular building.

When someone new walks into your office, do you show them around and make them feel at home? When I say someone new, I don’t just mean New Patients, I mean everyone and anyone (besides most solicitors) that walks into your office!

Showing what you do in your office to “strangers” helps them understand how you serve people in the community – YOUR PRATICE MEMBERS!

Create an Office Tour Script for your office. Each staff member must memorize word for word. Then roll play over and over and over and over again. With all of this practice, you’ll learn how to make this tour seem natural, non-scripted, and have it become your own!

Here is our Office Tour Script:

“Jane, we’re going to get you started with a tour on our way back to the consultation with the Dr. Heather!”

“Let me show you around first just so you’re familiar with our clinic. Upfront here (pointing to therapy bay), is our therapy bay. Here we perform muscle stimulation. This speeds up the healing process and decreases any inflammation. It is temporary care relief that is kind of like a massage.”

“As you can see, we keep our adjusting space nice and open because we are a family wellness clinic.

Our first room is our kids adjusting space. Little ones get adjusted on the fish; they climb up the tail, lie on their bellies, and can adjust the teddy bears backs while they have their adjustment! Although, newborns get adjusted on Mommy or Daddy’s belly! Isn’t that neat?”

“Here we have our two standard adjusting tables.”

“And here in the back we have the Pro-Adjuster. The Pro-Adjuster is the latest in Chiropractic technology and is researched based. There’s no turning, twisting, or popping involved and a lot of our older patients LOVE this machine!”

“Here is the doctor’s office for Dr. Heather; this is where we will get you started for today. Before we enter the office, I have just a few more things to show you!”

“This is our processing room, you don’t have to worry about this! :)”

“This is the exam and x-ray room where we would get you started for today after the consultation.”

“Our restroom is the last door on the left. We have a children’s changing table along with all sizes of diapers and wipes so you can skip bringing in your diaper bag!”

“Let’s head back to Dr. Heather’s office and get your consultation started!”

::: Offer a glass of water or tea as they are sitting down:::

“Let me know if you need anything, Jane! One of the doctors will be right in.”

MAKE SURE your tour is not boring! -- “Here is the waiting room, here is the adjusting space, here is the office.” We educate and explain each part of our office. Not only does this make them feel more at home and welcome, but it’s a great opportunity to generate in-office referrals and set yourself apart from other clinics!

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