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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

14 Easy Ways to Use Facebook for Your Chiropractic Clinic TODAY!

Facebook is not just for keeping up with friends and family, playing games and taking quizzes….it’s an extremely successful business tool! It’s helpful for spreading the word about what your business has to offer, connecting with current and potential patients, sharing information about upcoming events, and much more!

First and foremost, establish a business account/page that is different from your personal profile, if you already have one that is.

1. Upload & post professional pictures of the doctors, staff, events, adjustments…you get the idea! Tag fans in photos.
2. Post your newsletter subscription information to help encourage new subscribers!
3. Post office updates on your page’s wall. A few examples of good quality posts:
          a. Dr. Heather will be in the clinic tomorrow at 12pm for adjustments to help get everyone's power turned on before this weekends’ festivities! Call 278-YOST(9678) to schedule your holiday adjustment!
         b. The next few days are going to be hot ones with a heat watch starting 1pm tomorrow. Make sure to stay hydrated! Craving flavor instead of plain water? Add cucumbers, strawberries, orange slices or a lime to a pitcher/glass of water for a healthy, flavorful, and hydrating drink!
          c. Nighttime sleep is when your body replenishes and restores. If you or a loved one suffers from insomnia, contact 278-YOST (9678). A very frequent benefit from chiropractic care is improved rest!
4. Create Facebook events for what’s going on in the office and publish them regularly on your wall to help encourage attendees and extended marketing for your events! Invite who you want, then you can see who’s RSVP’ed and even get feedback from attendees. Marketing doesn’t get easier or cheaper than this!
5. Post useful articles, recipes & links to gain respect and credibility for your page.
6. Create a YouTube account. Begin recording videos of the doctor doing Q&A, or even simpler, record an adjustment. Post to YouTube and synch your page with your YouTube account.
7. When networking in your community, you can use Facebook as an easy way to follow up and communicate with who you’ve met.
8. Share supplements or products you offer on your wall.
9. Share any discounts or package deals you are offering.
10. Post your office’s website to increase traffic to your website!
11. Suggest your page to your friends so they can LIKE it! Pages can have unlimited number of fans, where a profile is maxed at 5,000 friends.
12. Will your office hours be altered due to a seminar the team is attending? Or closed for the holiday? Update your fans on your wall!
          a. YFC will be closed Saturday, July 2nd and Monday, July 4th in honor of Independence Day! Please schedule your appointments accordingly and be sure to have your “power turned on” before this weekends’ festivities!
13. Post motivational and inspirational quotes on your wall. This will inspire and uplift your fans!
14. Do you collect testimonials from your patients? As long your patient signs approval to use it for marketing, share their success story with your Facebook fans!

Sooooo….there are thousands and thousands of users on Facebook this very minute! How are you going to share with them what your office has to offer?  It really is this easy!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at KatieAnnRamsey@ymail.com. PS- I love feedback! : )


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  2. Hi Katie,
    I run the Facebook page for Spine-health (and a chiropractic only page facebook.com/SpineHealthChiropractic).

    Lots of good tips here! I think it is important to take some precautions and make sure to get permission before tagging a patient or showing them at all in your photos on FB or videos on YouTube.

  3. Spine-Health looks like a great page Jim! I just "liked" it. Thanks for sharing! :)

    You are ABSOLTULEY correct on getting permission. Thank you for bringing that up. WRITTEN PERMISSION is required by most HIPPA laws.

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    Thanks! :)

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