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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Scheduling New Patients SCRIPT 101

2nd Ring. SMILE…..Thank you for calling Yost Family Chiropractic, this is Katie, how many I help you? (This is to be said with a smile in a voice that is helpful and genuine; remember that this is the first contact a New Patient will have with your office!)

Q: When was the last time you saw the doctor? (This distinguishes if you are talking with a new patient or an existing patient. Also if you haven’t already, write down their first name! Use their name frequently throughout this call as it most people’s favorite word!)

Q: Is this appointment for you or your entire family? (This sets the tone that we’re a family clinic.)

Q: Which one of our practice members referred you to our office? (Puts referral concept in New Patient’s mind)

A: “Jane is great! Please thank her when you see her and we’ll be sure to thank her too!” (REWARD the behavior you want!)

Q: Charlotte, is earlier or later in the week best for you?

Q: And do you prefer mornings or afternoons? (With these 2 questions answered and based on your schedules new patient times, you should be able to quickly pick 2 appointment options for the New Patient to choose from.)

Q: We have special times for our New Patients so the doctor can dedicate 100% of their time to you. I have an appointment at ______ or ______. Which one works best? (First letting them know the benefit of your SPECIAL NEW PATIENT TIMES, makes them feel great about getting devoted additional time with the doctor. Also, instead of asking “does either of those times work for you?” I always assume one will work. ALSO, The appointment I offer is actually 15 minutes before it actually is, ex: 2:00pm on our schedule, I’d offer 1:45pm. This allows for preparation when they arrive. Do not ask them to arrive 15 minutes early and count on that to happen 100% of the time.)

Q: Charlotte, do you know where we are located?....We are on the corner of 86th & Hickman, in Cobblestone Market. Look for the blue sign that says Yost Chiropractic. (Even if they say YES, I know where you are located, I still continue to give brief location description to give them a visual)

Q: Lastly Charlotte, will you have internet access before your appointment? GREAT! If you visit our website at www.YostFamilyChiropractic.com, there you can access and print off our New Patient forms. Please bring the completed forms with you and you’ll save about 10 minutes!

Q: Charlotte, we will see you ______. If you have any questions in the meantime, please call! I look forward to meeting you and have a great day!

Make sure your team really understands the underlying reason for each specific question you ask your New Patients. These questions put an impression for your clinic and help YOU and YOUR TEAM become MASTER COMMUNICATORS!!!!!

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